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Haha WOW

So, there was this guyy that I really like...his name is Brandon. And he asked me out. I was all happy and smily and all that stuff when the guy you like wants you to be his girlfriend.
So we hungout for hours and he kissed me on the second dayy that we were dating and I was all happy inside...then the next day I was feeling like crap=/ But Brandon came over while I was still sleeping and he still wanted to hang out with me even tho I looked like crap and felt like crap...but yet I felt liked at the same time. Well, about a half hour after he left...I texted him and then he texted back about sometime later telling me that he wants to break up because it's too awkward for him because Brandon's my brothers best friend and he thinks it's weird. I'm all cool with it. I mean...it was only three days.
But yet I still wish that he was my boyfriend...I mean he was my first boyfriend and he lasted 3 days.
What happened to all this stuff about how he wanted us to last and how we should try and make it work and how he can see us together for a long time and all that stuff? What happened to that? And he said all the stuff the nite before he broke up with me.
But whatever. Guys are weird.
But I'm kinda missing his hand in mine rite now.

Devils Nite!!

Dude, it's Halloween baby!!!!
My favorite time of the yearrr!!!
Happy me!
Haha I'm such a dork=P
Listening to Selena Gomez. It's kinda weird, cuz it's totally not my style of music....heck, who am I kidding? All music is my type of music:P
Random posts are fun, don't you think?
Dude I haven't been on here in FOREVER
I miss it=[
What's so fun about blogging? Yeah I get that it's fun cuz you can just write a bunch of random thoughts, but still. Haha I need something to do. i have to much time on my hands:P:P

He's kinda cute!!!:P

So things between him and I are good. I was just being my normal self and thinking it through way to much.
But whatever

Address In The Stars

So did I do something wrong or does Doug just not talk to me for no reason?
Every since that one stupid day he hasn't been talking to me
It makes me sad.
Did I do something wrong? Did I say something? Did I hurt him in any way?
Why wont he talk to me anymore?
He always says that he's happy on myspace so why wont he just say one little hi?
I swear, sometimes this boy can be confusing.  =[
I wanna ask him whats going on but I'm scared that I'l ruin his good mood. Which I really don't wanna do, because if you've helped Doug out in the past, then all you want is him to be happy. At least that's how it is for me. And I really wanna know what's going on and what not, but I don't want to bring him down with asking him all of this stuff that's probably nothing and just has me freaking out over here.

Love Forever And Always,

Lovely Loves!!!

I'm like super duper tired and I'm gonna go take a shower and then go to bed.

You know what cracks me up?
Okay so get this. My Grandma has been sleeping all day. I mean ALL day. I think the only time that she got up what to go to the bathroom, then when I have like 5 minutes left in my movie, I hear her bell go off, so I look at that time and it's like 2 in the morning. No one is awake but Matt and I. So I go in there and see what she wants, and the first thing she says to me is, "Make me my soup and sandwich." She just wakes up and she wants to eat. She is the weirdest person ever.

Love Forever And Always,

Real Thing

So Today it was a nice day...haha Kidding. I wouldn't even know. I've been like asleep all dayyy...well...not really. I'm just tired and is pretty much a walking zombie at this point and it thinking about going to bed soon. Which I probably should do then I get woken up by Veronica and Bev and have Bev poke me till I wake up so she can tell me some stupid pointless thing. Haha I love you Bevy:P:P

I really want Boys Like Girls new cd. I should really stop listening to their songs because it just makes me want it even more.

I'm gonna end this entry with  random note.....I HAVE TO PEE

Love Forever And Always,


This is going to get awkward. I really don't want it too=[=[

For some reason I can't stop listening to P!nk. I've been listening to her for 2 days now. I never listen to her. Haha oh well.

It's the weekend baby!!!!
And guess what? I have no plan what so ever. This is going to be some fun weekend I would say=[ kidding. I wanna do something. I'm tired of being home all day. It's so not fun and I get bored of it. Maybe I should just go places by myself. But what's the fun in that? And plus I have no idea what I would even do. Soooo yeahhh. My life is pretty boring.

Sound Of Madness

So you know that Matt guy that I was telling you about? Or was I telling the people on tumblr?? Whatever, your going to here it anyways. So when I got to church I guess he was flirting with me and whatnot, I didn't really notice, but Bekah said that he was, so yeah. He was really cute>33 I didn't get to stay for the whole church thing because I was feeling really sick and what not, so I went home, but he came and asked if I was okay=] I know it's not a big deal...but whatever.

You know what I just realized? That Doug is the only friend that I have that I always smile while talking to on IM. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I'm gonna guess a good thing because I know that I have a friend who can always make me smile.

I'm listening to Sound Of Madness by Shinedown. It's definitely my favorite song at the moment. Idk why, probably because it's freaking awesome. I mean have you listened to that song? Because if not you totally don't know what your missing out on. It's truly an amazing song. Haha WOW I sound stupid:P But whatever...That's what makes me me.

Love Forever And Always.

Take My Hand!!!

Wow, I feel like I haven't updated in like....FOREVER. Which of course....I haven't.

Lalala I really don't know what to say.

I went to a church dance on sat. It wasn't that fun. But then again how much fun can you have trying to avoid your stalker? Yeah, not that much. Plus those dances are never really fun anyways. I only went because it was my friends first dance. But I never really saw her. Oh well. I'm not gonna go to the next dance tho.

I HATE it when people take my things and don't even ask. It would be nice to know that someone took something before I go everywhere and look for it. I mean come on, are you even going to use it? Ahhh it just pisses me off.

Well, lets end this one a happy note. ESCAPE THE FATE.
Nough said.

Love Forever And Always,


Right now I am listening to The Cab. Like they are really AMAZING. I want their cd. Y'all should go listen to them and get your Cab fix

So, there's this boy...Okay two boys..haha that makes me sound like a hoe. And yeahh...That's all I really gotta say. :P

I just thought that I would come on here because I haven't writing something in a while and something smells yummy....Like...a guy.



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